Tuesday, February 2, 2016

FOMO To The Side

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I decided to write a quick post about what’s been going on with me the last few months. On November 10th, my family grew when my baby boy, Leo, was born. Leo is my second baby following his big sister Gia, who is 3 ½ years old. My due date for Leo was on Halloween, but he must have liked it in there because he stayed in 10 extra days. I was able to work leading up to Leo being born. After the actual due date came and still no baby, it was fun seeing people’s reactions at work when they’d see me walk in the door, day after day. I got lots of, “you’re still here?” and “when’s that baby coming?”. Although I was a bit anxious with the thought that Leo might want to come while I was at work, I was lucky nothing crazy happened. No one had to rush me to the hospital, or anything like that. 

On the 9th day past my due date, I went to work like usual, and when I got home, I posted this picture:

Later that night, we would leave for the hospital.

And, the next morning, I posted this ❤:

I felt very grateful I was able to work up to the very last days before Leo came. I know I felt this because I love what I do and the people I work with. Because I know myself pretty well, I also knew I would miss the people and moments that would be going on while I’d be on my maternity leave. When you care about things, the potential of that good old FOMO bug, aka "Fear Of Missing Out", hits more than ever.

But, I’ve been good about pushing that FOMO to the side. Last year, I decided to choose #oneword I wanted to focus on throughout the year. My #oneword was “Enjoy”, and I’ve carried that word over with me into 2016. I’m glad I wrote and reflected about “Enjoy” because having that word lingering in the back of my head helps me stop things like the FOMO bug and enjoy the moments in life.

Life with a newborn and a toddler is….hold on, I forgot what I wanted to say (that’s what lack of sleep does to your brain). Where was I? :) Things are becoming a little easier (a little) with time. But then, they gaze into your eyes like a puppy or you can't stop watching them sleep so peacefully and all the tired and stress can fade away. Getting things done (like writing this blog post) are more challenging and take a little longer, for sure. What’s been the most amazing thing, though, is seeing how much room the heart has to love. Just when I thought I couldn’t love anything as much as my toddler, this baby boy came and the love my heart has to share is immeasurable. Being able to have this time with my little guy is a treasure. I may not be able to do everything I want to and be everywhere I want to be, and that’s ok.   
❤ Leo and Gia 

Luckily, in this technologically connected world we live in, it’s pretty easy to enjoy different places, events, and especially people when you can’t physically be somewhere. Social media and technology have been my connection to the outside world. The FOMO isn't so bad. All you need is the internet and some taps, clicks, and swipes. And although it may not be the same as actually being there physically, it’s something. We’re lucky to have even that.


  1. Maria, get this: I JUST wrote a tweet to be scheduled at 6:00 this morning (when I get off Twitter for the day) that says: "I've had 2 nights away from Twitter. Helps me get what I need to get done DONE. A little FOMO, but my students will have it better today!" YES! Life, life, life - LIVE it! If I had those two ages at home, I'd be there - all the way!! Enjoy this time in your life to the fullest!!

  2. Thank you for reading and for sharing your great advice, Joy!! There are so many things in life that we love and are passionate about. It's that give and take that helps so much in the end.